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Exir Co.

Exir Pharmaceutical Co. was established in 1984 in the land with surface area of 36 Hectares, in a building as vast as 60.000 m2 near Boroujerd in Lorestan province and started operating in 1992.The aim was fulfilling pharmaceutical needs of Iranian nation with highest international quality standards. The company enjoys having state of the art production lines, formulation facilities and quality control laboratories. 



Exir Pharmaceutical Co. was initially publically offered in 1998, it is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Iran. Exir Pharmaceutical Co. has high quality machinery and laboratory equipment. It produces more than 180 pharmaceutical products in different dosage forms like tablet, capsule, syrup, suspension, ampoule and vial. 



Exir Pharmaceutical Co. is committed to providing health to the society. It has close cooperation with specialized medical and scientific associations. Exir Pharmaceutical Co. is the sole producer of Insulin in Iran. It also has launched new production lines for biologic pharmaceutical products which opened new doors for Iranian pharmaceutical industry.




Exir Pharmaceutical Co. is cooperating with known international pharmaceutical companies. It produces Human Growth Hormone under license of NOVO NORDISK Denmark, multi Sanostol® syrup and Pantozol ® (Tablets and Vial) under the license of NYCOMED Switzerland, Exjade ® under the license of NOVARTIS, IVF-C® and IVF-M® vial under the license LG life Sciences.


Exir Pharmaceutical Co. has recently opened its consumer health care division. The division is in charge of marketing home care medical devices under the brand name of MAXIMED ® and food and nutrition supplements under the brand name of MIXNATURAL ® .  





Exir Pharmaceutical Co. owes its rapid expansion and progress to creativity, innovativeness and continuous efforts of its managers and staff. In light these endeavors Exir Pharmaceutical Co. has penetrated pharmaceutical export markets far sooner than expected. Currently Exir Pharmaceutical Co. is exporting its products to countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. 


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